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Emma Watson wild and feisty in lesbian sex

Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Emma Watson is considered to be one of the chosen women are both beauty and brains. Many people agree by comparison to her character as the studious Hermione Granger of the world of Hogwarts. But Emma immediately told supporters that she’s far from her persona in those films because she does crazy things too and it’s not just whenever she’s inside the walls of her campus. She says Hermione is the type of girl who is set to curse anyone who breaks school rules but that’s really not her cup of tea in real. She’s a fun chick who likes trying out new things even if it means tearing down a few walls just to get to where she pleases. Yes, definitely a whole lot different alright and she wanted to prove that so bad by letting this naughty lesbian video of hers slip from someone’s hand, maybe hers maybe not, but we should just probably be grateful for some clumsy fingers who purposely clicked on upload so the world can watch. Emma Watson split from her beau because she says studies are her priority at the moment and that they’re busy schedules don’t really jive at all. But what’s this? Apparently, since she wanted to try everything once and since she’s off the hook, she went for a sleazy lesbo fuck session with one of her girls. They licked and ate each other’s pussies, finger-bang their holes, moan with pleasure and rub each other’s wet twats on each other so hard that they manage to reach orgasm at the same time. Talk about team work and girl power, Emma Watson surely knows what they imply. Emma never felt so free and experienced now that she gets to explore the best of both worlds.

Wild Emma Watson eats and fucks wet pussy

At Last, Emma Watson Shows Her Pussy

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Finally, after all that frustrating cock-teasing and those rumors regarding the naughty things she was up to, Emma Watson has finally decided to give us a look at her sweet snatch!  And what a view it is!  These photos look like they were taken at a castle, so it must have been on the set of the latest Harry Potter movie where she decided to let go and have her loyal fans like us get what they want, and that is unadulterated pictures of her juicy pussy!  She does both poses on the steps of the castle and gives us something that we’ll treasure even more than a teaser of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  She gives us up-close photos of her trimmed twat, and that photo taken of her slit from behind just frames it beautifully!  If you want more than just Emma Watson breast photos, then check out the entire collection here!