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A Drunken Striptease From Emma Watson

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

No, that’s not butterbeer you see Emma Watson swigging from that bottle.  She’s already 18, so our little wizard can now partake of the real stuff, and she does so very often, if tabloid reports and other blogs’ news are to be believed.  Well, judging from this picture, those reports have a ring of truth about them, and if you believe that, then it’s easy to believe what that other picture is telling you, which is that Emma Watson loves to get naked and strut her naked body for anybody who happens to be around to watch.  Yeah, she’s turning out to be a really wild partygirl, all right, just like other girls who’ve had their twat flashed on the net, thanks to the paparazzi, like Britney and the others.  But Emma seemed so much more level-headed than them, so this might come as a shock to most of the general populace.  What they’ve got to remember is that Emma’s just a young lady like any other, and it’s natural for most pretty girls her age to have some wild fun like she’s doing here!

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Emma Watson Showing Her Panties And Titties

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

We wonder who Emma Watson is performing for here, because whoever he is, he’s one lucky dude to have Emma do something so naughty for him.  Sure, she’s been sighted by paparazzi as wearing some see-through panties before, but it looks like she’s learned her lesson, as well as learned the erotic qualities of teasing her man first by wearing some normal underwear and showing it to him.  It’s not all teasing too, as she shows some boob in one shot, while she shows off her rump while lying down on the bed.  How sexy is Emma Watson in those white cotton panties without a top on?  Absolutely sizzling, as you can see for yourself!

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