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Emma Watson Showing Her Panties And Titties

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

We wonder who Emma Watson is performing for here, because whoever he is, he’s one lucky dude to have Emma do something so naughty for him.  Sure, she’s been sighted by paparazzi as wearing some see-through panties before, but it looks like she’s learned her lesson, as well as learned the erotic qualities of teasing her man first by wearing some normal underwear and showing it to him.  It’s not all teasing too, as she shows some boob in one shot, while she shows off her rump while lying down on the bed.  How sexy is Emma Watson in those white cotton panties without a top on?  Absolutely sizzling, as you can see for yourself!

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Emma Watson Topless In The Bathroom

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Another sighting of Emma Watson’s breasts has made it onto the internet, and it’s definitely got all her male fans excited, what with the clear view it gives of Emma’s delicious titties.  Whoever snapped this has certainly done all her male fans a great service, as it shows Emma about to take a soak in the tub, with a green towel around her waist, and nothing to cover her top part.  So we’ve got Emma Watson’s sweet cupcakes in full view, and Emma smiling, as if she knows she’s being photographed and doesn’t have a care in the world about it.  Well, after your pussy’s been plastered all over PC screens around the world, some breast shot shouldn’t matter much anymore, right?  Well, we hope she still keeps on thinking that so that she can keep on being careless about covering up, and we can be treated to more views of Emma Watson topless, or more!  Harry Potter fanfic enthusiasts can even pretend that this is Hermione Granger about to take a dip in one of Gryffindor’s bathtubs, and then let their imagination run free as to what she’ll do once she’s in the water, all alone and thinking of Ron…

Thinking about checking out Emma Watson’s other exposed body parts?  Then click on this link, and see Emma Watson at her naughtiest.  You’ll be surprised at what she’s been up to, now that she’s turned 18 and is perfectly legal to do some things she wasn’t allowed to do before…